Preparing for the Future Scholar Bank

Planning for the Future Scholar Bank (Summer 2018)

Planning for the Future Scholar Bank (PFTF) is currently under development.  Our goal is to provide gap funding to students who have a solid financial plan for continuing education.  Initially, PFTF will provide low interest (1%-6%) loans to students who need to fill a gap in funding tuition.  We believe that students should not graduate from college in debt and should have every chance possible to succeed without a student loan burden.

Financial Planning for Continuing Education (Spring 2018)

Many students are not prepared for a college classroom, much less the financial planning needed to ensure they have a seat in the classroom.  Our financial planning program is designed remind each student that he or she is an individual and that must actively create opportunities to reach academic goals.  After going through our program, students will become aware of their own value and learn how to increase his or her appeal to the college admissions office or potential employer.

YOUR Scholarships (Spring 2018)

YOUR Scholarships is a program we developed to help students find the scholarships that really matchup to the student.  Many programs cast a wide net when it comes to scholarship searches, but we believe that students will be better off as they learn about themselves and their value.  Taking this approach will help students fine tune their search and help them submit a high quality application.



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