21st CAEP programs are more than just “another program!!!”

They are an exciting way to help students develop the critical analysis skills they will need as the move forward in life.  They are a fun way for students to connect their classroom experience with their home experience and most of all, these programs have been developed to teach students how to create opportunities through hard work and determination.

Through any of our programs students learn what it takes to go from idea and inspiration to message delivery and product.  We have changed the standard teaching model and tied sports to academics, writing to design, presenting and public speaking to research and investigation, and invention to product development. The process we developed will help students prepare for college and be valuable when they enter the job market.

InventionX (PIB $250)* (Launched)

The InventionX five-stage invention process teaches students how to think, not what to think. The process and exercises can be applied to any area of STEM content. Students will experience the invention process though hands-on activities and create strategies for implementing the process in their own program or classroom. The curriculum is geared toward formal and informal educators.

Tennis Camps and Clinics (Launched)

Our approach to teaching the fundamentals of tennis are simple.  We connect what students are learning in the classroom to what they should be doing on the court.  Math, English, History, Physics, and Health are all part of the curriculum.  Students will be having so much fun that they probably won’t notice they are learning more than just a sport.

20th Century Time Capsule Media and Journalism Project (In the works)

The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that has always been an essential component of success.  This program takes three teams of students from three different schools through the process of producing a local history film.  Students learn to work together by planning and outlining the project from beginning to end.  They are tasked to find commonalities in ideas, themes, history, work habits, and organizational skills in order to meet deadlines and produce a high quality product.

Financial Planning for Continuing Education (Launched)

Many students are not prepared for a college classroom, much less the financial planning needed to ensure they have a seat in the classroom.  Our financial planning program is designed remind each student that they are an individual and that they must create their own opportunities to succeed as they take their next steps in life.  After going through our program, students will be aware of their value and how to increase their value to a potential school and employers.

YOUR Scholarships (Launched)

YOUR Scholarships is a program we developed to help students find the scholarships that really matchup to the student.  Many programs cast a wide net when it comes to scholarship searches, but we believe that students will be better off as they learn about themselves and their value.  Taking this approach will help students fine tune their search and help them submit a high quality application.

Planning for the Future Scholar Bank (Summer 2018) (Launched)

Planning for the Future Scholar Bank (PFTF) is currently under development.  Our goal is to provide gap funding to students who have a solid financial plan for continuing education.  Initially, PFTF will provide low interest (1%-6%) loans to students who need to fill a gap in funding tuition.  We believe that students should not graduate from college in debt and should have every chance possible to succeed without a student loan burden.  With Zogo Finance, we will provide technology to our students help them learn how to plan and manage for the Future.


*PIB is Program in a Box.  You can order this program by clicking the Donate button below and including the name of the program you are ordering in the comments section.  Your PIB will be shipped within 2 weeks and includes an Educator’s Guide, Planning Worksheet, 3 Hands on Activities.  Shipping costs are included.

Community Service Connection  (Fall 2018)

  • Match Individuals or organizations with community service opportunities
  • Act as a fiscal agent for those wanting to raise funds for a particular cause
  • Assist in preparing a plan of action to achieve specific community service goals

We believe that helping and doing for others is a rewarding selfless effort that teaches young minds about real community needs.  21st CAEP will work with you and your organization to match your community service objectives with the right opportunities in your local area.  We can help you track and account for everything you do in service to others.

Individual Community Service

Don’t leave the “community service” section of your college application empty. Colleges, universities, and employers are always impressed with a person’s willingness to help others. We can help you fill in that section with fulfilling opportunities.  We will brainstorm with you and determine what kind of community services you can provide, then work with our community partners to create those opportunities for you.

Group Project Based Community Service

It is part of our mission to give everyone the best chance for success, so we will do all we can to help plan project based community service from beginning to end.  We will work with you to help identify resources, equipment, and support services to give you the best plan to move forward. After helping you develop a plan of action, if you or your organization would like to raise funds for a specific cause or entity, we can act as your fiscal agent and help you set goals, objectives, and budgets.

Diplomacy Leadership and Engagement (Summer 2019)

In the works.


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