What 21st CAEP can do for you:

  • Customized Programs for your classroom or after school program– We develop personalized programs that fit into a specific grading period, semester or year for teachers to use as a supplement to classroom objectives. Through out the program we provide continued support give teachers make the best of their program. This is well-suited for districts, schools, home school associations and after school organizations.
  • Educator Training – Instructors are given professional development to better engage students in all academic disciplines. So if your focus is STEM you can learn how to use the Invention Process through InventionX. If you priority is to help students develop writing and presentation skills then our journalism or public speaking skills may be for you.
  • Student Workshops– Students are guided through any of our programs in 5 weeks and given an experience they can learn from. One of our own trainers can go to your school and open your program with a hands-on workshop.
  • InventionX Cup– With our partners at the Institute of Competition Sciences, a series of invention challenges are posed to students who submit concepts to compete for awards and national recognition.
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